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Wednesday, April 6

9:00am EDT

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Agolo: The Future of Search [D7] Roone Arledge AuditoriumPrem Ganeshkumar • Julian Norton • Mohamed AlTantawy An Introduction to Stan [D1] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJonah Gabry • Andrew Gelman • Ben Goodrich • Alp Kucukelbir • Daniel Lee • Eric Novik • Dustin Tran • Bob Carpenter HARVEST: A Longitudinal Patient Record Summarization System at the Point of Care [D24] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSharon Lipsky Gorman • Marc Sturm • Noemie Elhadad MoMA Through Time [D8] Roone Arledge AuditoriumWoojin Kim • Manuel Rueda • Marily Konstantinopoulou • Nomaduma Masilela • A'Nisa Megginson Monitoring Large Scale Disasters [D23] Roone Arledge AuditoriumChris Kedzie • Kathy McKeown QuantMiner for Mining Quantitative Association Rules [D12] Roone Arledge AuditoriumAntonio Moretti • Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi Scopio - An Intelligent Social Media Content Curation and Rights Management Platform [D9] Roone Arledge AuditoriumNour Chamoun • Manoj Pooleery Wall Street meets FinTech: Interactive Visualization of Simulations of Systemic Financial Market Risk Conditional on Policy Interventions [D2] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSharyn O'Halloran • Scott Sobolewski • Matthew Weber • David K. Park Crowd-Sourcing Data and Quality Control: OSM Roads Validation in Low-Income Countries [P13] Roone Arledge AuditoriumPaola Kim-Blanco Describing High-Order Statistical Dependence Using "Concurrence Topology,” with Application to Functional MRI Brain Data [P21] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSteven Ellis • Arno Klein Geographic Patterns for Social Network Users [P31] Roone Arledge AuditoriumYaran Fan Mining the Performance History of the New York Philharmonic from 1842-2015: Programming Trends and Performer Networks [P32] Roone Arledge AuditoriumEamonn Bell Towards the Automatic Classification of Endomyocardial Tissues for Intracardiac OCT [P9] Roone Arledge AuditoriumYu Gan

4:30pm EDT