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Daniel Laimer do Carvalhal da Câmara Machado

Earth Institute
Urban Design Lab Analysis Assistant

Originally from Sao Miguel, Portugal, Daniel has an educational background in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. He pursued undergraduate studies as a Landscape Architect at both the Pennsylvania State University and the Danish Institute for Studies Abroad, affording him opportunities to work on international projects in both American and European urban contexts. In 2014 he was awarded the Certificate for Excellence in the Study of Landscape Architecture by the Pennsylvania State University.

A strong interest in community involvement and participatory design practices led him to pursue a graduate degree from Columbia University in the field of Architecture and Urban Design. As a graduate student, he was able to realize multi-scalar studies ranging from New York City neighborhoods to the megalopolitan region. He also worked in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This experience included in depth collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders inclusive of differing legislative frameworks and political mandates. Apart from his studies, Daniel has also worked as freelance designer both in Europe and the United States, for both urban design projects and building restoration.

BLA, Pennsylvania State University, 2014; MSc. Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia University, 2015.