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Steven Ellis

College of Physicians and Surgeons
Associate Professor of Clinical Neurobiology in Psychiatry

Steven P. Ellis, Ph.D. is Associate Prof. of Clinical Neurobiology (in Psychiatry). He is Director, Statistics and Computing Core, Conte Center: Neurobiological and Developmental Antecedents to Suicidal Behavior: The Neurobiology of Suicidal Behavior (CCNDASB). He is also PI on Project 8 of the CCNDASB, "Statistical methods in suicide research." He graduated cum laude, with Honors with Exceptional Distinction in Mathematics, and with a masters degree in mathematics awarded simultaneously with the bachelor's degree after four years at Yale. He also was awarded the DeForest Mathematical Prize at Yale. He was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship in mathematics.

Dr. Ellis was PI on the grant "Statistical Analysis of Neurochemical Maps" (R21 MH60995, NIMH). Dr. Ellis's interests include multivariate analysis and statistical computing.