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Ling-Wei Kung

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
PhD Candidate in East Asian Languages and Cultures

Ling-wei Kung is a Ph.D. student in Sino-Tibetan history. His research focuses on transregional legal practices and economic exchanges among Tibet, Mongolia, Xinjiang and late imperial China. He is also more broadly interested in the history of Inner Asian peoples between the Qing and Russian Empires.

He is currently conducting two research projects: “The Most Important Place: Environment, Communities and Identities in Gansu Province of Late Imperial China” and “The Great Game: Dalai Lamas, Manchu Emperors and Mongolian Khans in the Making of China and Inner Asia, 1634-1758.” In so doing, he primarily works with Manchu, Mongolian, and Tibetan documents, along with Chinese materials.

Ling-Wei received a B.A. in History from National Taiwan University (2012), and his M.A. in Tibetan Studies from Columbia University (2015). Before coming to New York City, he stayed in Beijing, where he studied Chinese and Inner Asian history, as well as Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan at Renmin and Peking Universities for two years.