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Nimrod Goldshtrom

College of Physicians and Surgeons
Postdoctoral Clinical Fellow in Pediatrics
Nimrod is a third year clinical fellow in neonatology at the medical center. His research is currently on using non-invasive monitoring on preterm infants specifically looking at associations with feeding and whether near-infrared spectroscopy can be used to predict disease. He is also part of a working group trying to utilize continuous, real-time vital sign data to generate hypotheses and evaluate clinical status of infants in the intensive care unit.

In July, Dr. Goldshtrom will be pursuing a one year fellowship in pediatric cardiac intensive care at Boston Children’s hospital. His interests lie primarily in bridging the world of cardiac intensive care, infant and preterm care and developing better tools using big physiological patient data to help understand the evolving physiology of preterm infants and patients with congenital heart disease. With better models of physiology, the hope is that interventions can be better tailored towards the patients and streaming big data can be used to predict impending changes in physiology.