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Yigal Bejerano

Bell Labs, Nokia
Member of Technical Staff, Mathematics of Networks and Systems Research Department
Throughout his professional life Bejerano has tried to combine applied and fundamental research in the fields of networking and algorithms. In Bell-Labs he had the privilege to work with many excellent researchers on various design, management and optimization problems in the context of wireless and wired networks. He joint Bell-Labs in 2000, after finishing his  Ph.D. studies at the Electrical Engineering Dept. under the supervision of Prof. Israel Cidon and Prof. Joseph (Seffi) Naor. Bejerano's Ph.D. thesis considers various aspects of mobility and connectivity management for mobile users in Personal Communication Systems and the Internet. Before his  Ph.D. studies, he worked three years as as a senior software engineer at Intelligent Information System Ltd. (I.I.S) and was involved in the development of communication products. Prior to that Bejerano worked as software engineer at the Computer Aid Design (CAD) group of Intel-Israel R&D center, where he was involved in the development and implementation of algorithms for logical synthesis of VLSI chips.