Data Science Day @ Columbia University has ended
Columbia University’s Data Science Institute Presents:

Authors/Collaborators are listed in alphabetical order.



Wednesday, April 6

2:00pm EDT

An Introduction to Stan [D1] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJonah Gabry • Andrew Gelman • Ben Goodrich • Alp Kucukelbir • Daniel Lee • Eric Novik • Dustin Tran • Bob Carpenter Bringing Large and Diverse Datasets to Mobile Devices for Public Education [D26] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid Porter • Bill Ryan • Margie Turrin • Andrew Goodwillie Discovering Unwarranted Associations in Data-Driven Applications with the FairTest Testing Toolkit [D3] Roone Arledge AuditoriumVaggelis Atlidakis • Roxana Geambasu • Daniel Hsu FindYou: A Personal Location Privacy Auditing Tool [D11] Roone Arledge AuditoriumStephanie Huang • Christopher Riederer • Augustin Chaintreau • Daniel Echikson How Technology Harnesses Science and Data to Give Answers to Decision-Makers [D22] Roone Arledge AuditoriumMichael Bell • John del Corral Mobile Phone Based Systematic Street Observations and Geotagged Photos to Identify Vector Control Opportunities in Informal Communities [D17] Roone Arledge AuditoriumRicha Gupta • Gina Lovasi • Richard V. Remigio • Andrew Rundle • Gustavo S. Azenha • Melika Ranjbar Behrooz • Marilia Carvalho • Folake Eniola • Sandro Galea • Daniel M. Sheehan • Garazi Zulaika Monitoring Large Scale Disasters [D23] Roone Arledge AuditoriumChris Kedzie • Kathy McKeown Using Data Science to Generate Real-Time Blood Glucose Forecasts for Individuals with Diabetes [D18] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid J. Albers • Matthew Levine • Olena Mamykina Crowd-Sourcing Data and Quality Control: OSM Roads Validation in Low-Income Countries [P13] Roone Arledge AuditoriumPaola Kim-Blanco Drone Based Preventive Surveillance Techniques for Vector-Borne Diseases with a Focus on the Zika Virus [P5] Roone Arledge AuditoriumAditya Bagri • Doyun Kim • Palash Matey • Maanit Mehra From Players to Teams: Basketball Match Simulation [P26] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSuraj Keshri • Min-hwan Oh • Garud Iyengar Geographic Patterns for Social Network Users [P31] Roone Arledge AuditoriumYaran Fan Identifying Novel Drug Interactions Using Data Science: Drug Interaction Prediction Using Latent Signals and EHRs (DIPULSE) [P6] Roone Arledge AuditoriumTal Lorberbaum Model-Based Dashboards for Customer Analytics [P28] Roone Arledge AuditoriumRyan Dew The Hidden Advantage of Lefties in Sports [P29] Roone Arledge AuditoriumHal Cooper • Francois Fagan • Martin Haugh • Garud Iyengar Using Social Media to Detect Foodborne Disease Outbreaks [P10] Roone Arledge AuditoriumTom Effland • Fotis Psallidas