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Columbia University’s Data Science Institute Presents:

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Min C Chen

Goldman Sachs
Lead Performance Engineer
Greater New York City Area
Wednesday, April 6

8:00am EDT

8:50am EDT

9:00am EDT

9:45am EDT

10:30am EDT

10:35am EDT

10:50am EDT

11:15am EDT

11:45am EDT

12:30pm EDT

1:05pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

A Closed-Loop Brain-Computer Interface for Regulating Cognitive State During Dynamic Boundary Avoidance Tasks [D19] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJosef Faller • Sameer Saproo • Victor Shih • Paul Sajda An Introduction to Stan [D1] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJonah Gabry • Andrew Gelman • Ben Goodrich • Alp Kucukelbir • Daniel Lee • Eric Novik • Dustin Tran • Bob Carpenter Bringing Large and Diverse Datasets to Mobile Devices for Public Education [D26] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid Porter • Bill Ryan • Margie Turrin • Andrew Goodwillie How Technology Harnesses Science and Data to Give Answers to Decision-Makers [D22] Roone Arledge AuditoriumMichael Bell • John del Corral QuantMiner for Mining Quantitative Association Rules [D12] Roone Arledge AuditoriumAntonio Moretti • Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi Scalable Platform for Efficient Embedded Big-Data Processing [D31] Roone Arledge AuditoriumEmilio Cota • Davide Giri • Paolo Mantovani • Luca Carloni • Giuseppe Di Guglielmo Using Data Science to Generate Real-Time Blood Glucose Forecasts for Individuals with Diabetes [D18] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid J. Albers • Matthew Levine • Olena Mamykina Wall Street meets FinTech: Interactive Visualization of Simulations of Systemic Financial Market Risk Conditional on Policy Interventions [D2] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSharyn O'Halloran • Scott Sobolewski • Matthew Weber • David K. Park Cardiorespiratory Events in the NICU: Continuous Monitoring, Data Repositories and Daily Automated Reporting Versus Intermittent Bedside Documentation [P2] Roone Arledge AuditoriumNimrod Goldshtrom GPU-Based Deep Learning Inference: An Application to Identyfing Diseases Based on Medical Images [P22] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJeet Raut • Peter Njenga Model-Based Dashboards for Customer Analytics [P28] Roone Arledge AuditoriumRyan Dew