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World Team
Founder/ CEO/President
Founder of the World Team Project. Entrepreneur with emergent media platform in development, World Team. CEO of World Team, Building, LLC. Founder/President of World Team Now, 501c3 non-profit organization. Our focus is allowing a global audience to participate in transformation using renewable energy, storage, microgrids, net surplus buildings, alternative transportation,global systems, public policy, law, B corps, sociological aspects of individual collective decision making, and creative financing, We are focused on demonstrating how humanity lives in better balance with our resources with our common home. . Bring true power to the people.
Wednesday, April 6

9:00am EDT

9:45am EDT

12:30pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Agolo: The Future of Search [D7] Roone Arledge AuditoriumPrem Ganeshkumar • Julian Norton • Mohamed AlTantawy AMuSe: Large-scale WiFi Video Distribution [D34] Roone Arledge AuditoriumYigal Bejerano • Timothy Goodwin • Varun Gupta • Craig Gutterman • Gil Zussman An Introduction to Stan [D1] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJonah Gabry • Andrew Gelman • Ben Goodrich • Alp Kucukelbir • Daniel Lee • Eric Novik • Dustin Tran • Bob Carpenter Bringing Large and Diverse Datasets to Mobile Devices for Public Education [D26] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid Porter • Bill Ryan • Margie Turrin • Andrew Goodwillie How Technology Harnesses Science and Data to Give Answers to Decision-Makers [D22] Roone Arledge AuditoriumMichael Bell • John del Corral Idea Generation, Creativity, and Prototypicality [D13] Roone Arledge AuditoriumOded Netzer • Olivier Toubia Mapping Tibetan Monasteries [D10] Roone Arledge AuditoriumLing-Wei Kung • Qichen Qian • Xiaoze Xu • Tongtong Zhu Monitoring Large Scale Disasters [D23] Roone Arledge AuditoriumChris Kedzie • Kathy McKeown Personalized Compass--A Compact Visualization for Direction and Location [D29] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSteven Feiner • Daniel Miau RObotic Spine Exoskeleton (ROSE) [D14] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSunil Agrawal • Riancy Li • Joon Park • Paul Stegall • Rosemarie Murray • Haohan Zhang Scopio - An Intelligent Social Media Content Curation and Rights Management Platform [D9] Roone Arledge AuditoriumNour Chamoun • Manoj Pooleery Sensing Using Thin Film Technologies [D30] Roone Arledge AuditoriumKostas Alexandrou • Simona Dalmasso • Youngwan Kim • Ioannis (John) Kymissis • Caroline Yu Shuffler: Continuous Code Layout Randomization [D6] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid Williams-King • Michelle Zheng Using Data Science to Generate Real-Time Blood Glucose Forecasts for Individuals with Diabetes [D18] Roone Arledge AuditoriumDavid J. Albers • Matthew Levine • Olena Mamykina Wall Street meets FinTech: Interactive Visualization of Simulations of Systemic Financial Market Risk Conditional on Policy Interventions [D2] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSharyn O'Halloran • Scott Sobolewski • Matthew Weber • David K. Park Crowd-Sourcing Data and Quality Control: OSM Roads Validation in Low-Income Countries [P13] Roone Arledge AuditoriumPaola Kim-Blanco Describing High-Order Statistical Dependence Using "Concurrence Topology,” with Application to Functional MRI Brain Data [P21] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSteven Ellis • Arno Klein Developing High Performance Green Infrastructure System to Sustain Coastal Cities: A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE FOR CITIZEN-BASED BIOSWALE MONITORING [P14] Roone Arledge AuditoriumFiliberto Viteri Chavez • Daniel Laimer do Carvalhal da Câmara Machado • Richard Plunz • Maria Paola Sutto • Linda Cox • Patricia Culligan • Stuart Gaffin • Matthew Palmer • John Squires Digital Matatus: Mapping Informal Mini-Bus Routes in African Cities [P15] Roone Arledge AuditoriumJacqueline Klopp • Adam White • Sarah Williams Generation of Synthetic Spatially Embedded Power Grid Networks [P23] Roone Arledge AuditoriumSaleh Soltan • Gil Zussman Geographic Patterns for Social Network Users [P31] Roone Arledge AuditoriumYaran Fan Grandet: A Unified, Economical Object Store for Web Applications [P27] Roone Arledge AuditoriumGang Hu • Yang Tang • Lingmei Weng • Junfeng Yang • Xinhao Yuan Intelligent Wireless Charging for Electric Buses in Smart City [P16] Roone Arledge AuditoriumAlbert Boulanger • Antonius Dieker • Promiti Dutta • Hooshmand Shokri Razaghi Interactive Visualizations for Monoscopic Eyewear to Assist in Manually Orienting Objects in 3D [P17] Roone Arledge AuditoriumCarmine Elvezio • Steven Feiner • Mengu Sukan • Barbara Tversky Mapping Cells and Their Connections in Networks of the Brain Master Clock [P7] Roone Arledge AuditoriumErica Mezias • Malini Riddle • Duncan Foley • Joseph Lesauter • Rae Silver Personal Energy Footprinting [P18] Roone Arledge AuditoriumRishikanth Chandrasekaran • Richa Glenn Netto • Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang SEUS - Audio Based Vehicle Localization [P19] Roone Arledge AuditoriumXiaofan (Fred) Jiang • Peter Kinget • Daniel de Godoy Peixoto The Hidden Advantage of Lefties in Sports [P29] Roone Arledge AuditoriumHal Cooper • Francois Fagan • Martin Haugh • Garud Iyengar The Impact of Earthquakes on Economic Productivity [P20] Roone Arledge AuditoriumStephanie Lackner Towards the Automatic Classification of Endomyocardial Tissues for Intracardiac OCT [P9] Roone Arledge AuditoriumYu Gan Virtual Replicas for Remote Assistance in Virtual and Augmented Reality [P33] Roone Arledge AuditoriumCarmine Elvezio • Steven Feiner • Mengu Sukan • Barbara Tversky • Ohan Oda

4:30pm EDT