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Andrew Goodwillie

After a degree in geophysics from Durham (UK) and graduate work at Oxford, Andrew Goodwillie spent eight years at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where he continued working on his  research interests in lithospheric flexure using shipboard gravity and bathymetry, the construction of satellite-derived geoid and gravity fields, and, the creation of gridded depth databases from echo-soundings and contours. He also spent five of those years years working part-time in the SIO Geological Data Centre. 

Goodwillie specialised in the acquisition and processing of shipboard multi-beam bathymetry, gravity and magnetics data, in the development of techniques and algorithms to improve the ease and efficiency of data processing, and in spear-heading the SIO-GDC involvement of shallow-water bathymetric surveys. For GEBCO, he contributed the 1-minute bathymetric grid for the entire Indian Ocean and Environs based upon Bob Fisher's contours,  manned GEBCO information booths at AGU and EGS conferences, and helped to develop the GEBCO website. He is currently working with the marine geosciences database group at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory which is responsible for managing data for the NSF-funded Ridge 2000 and MARGINS initiatives, amongst others.